In other news,

I don't seem to be able to log in to FTP. So there might not be updates for a while.

Greensphere new things

So MidasDoas is using Greensphere (the platforming engine I used in Tes and Tyv) in an upcoming game, and he and I have significantly managed to improve it. I can't tell you much, but here is a picture:

(evil laugh)


I Forgot

I forgot to do my new year post! OH NO!!!!!

So yeah, happy new year.



This is something!!!



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I need to work on a game! And update my website! And do a lot of things in fact. Sorry about that. I'll be like, "Time to make a game!" So for a while I'm working on a game. Then it gets boring. So I stop, go play other games, watch movies, etc.

Maybe I should just make one of those infinite games. That way I don't have to bother with level design.




Sorry about not posting anything for more than two months. I've been trying new things, as you know, and just playing games and messing with settings. So now I'm back on track of trying to make games, but I have decided to stop all those "mystery games" for now and work on a completely new, even more mysterious game (screenshot, left. No, it's not called "The Building Place".) But seriously now, it is coming along a lot better than those other ones, and I like it more, because it's more polished than my other games. I think you guys are really going to like it!

So, this is where I leave for now, but I hope I can post more frequently than one every two months now...